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MJ - The Musical Tickets

Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina

MJ - The Musical

This season, you can experience the story and success of the world's greatest pop star through a spellbinding stage musical! MJ the Musical – The Life Story of Michael Jackson – is finally setting off on tour, and it's set to take over the season ahead with multiple dates across North America! Catch this Tony Award-winning epic as it features the unbelievable music, work, and life of Michael Jackson! The King of Pop pretty much had his entire life under the spotlight, and you're probably curious about what went on behind the scenes!

In this October, MJ the Musical will be making its way to Durham, North Carolina! Prepare for a marvelous performance on Sunday 15th October 2023 as the stage at Durham Performing Arts Center lights up with Michael Jackson's biggest hits! This amazing musical takes the audience on a trip to 1992 during the important events of Michael Jackson's Dangerous World Tour! The performance will reveal pivotal and life-changing moments that led to the enduring legacy of the world's biggest pop star!

Hurry and score tickets now to witness MJ - The Life Story of Michael Jackson at Durham Performing Arts Center!

The upcoming national tour of the Broadway hit MJ the Musical is one of the current year's most exciting treks to come across North America! This new show featuring the music, life, and work of the King of Pop provides viewers with an in-depth glimpse of what went on behind the scenes! The Michael Jackson we all know and love has created some of the most captivating and remarkable music of the 20th century! Through MJ the Musical, fans finally have an idea of how these songs came to be. MJ the Musical brings audiences all the way to 1992 when Jackson was in the midst of promoting the Dangerous World Tour!

As the character of Michael Jackson navigates through his day-to-day activities ranging from rehearsals, recording, music writing, family matters, etc. Fans will be treated to a wealth of Jackson's hits. This music will accompany pivotal scenes from Jackson's life, such as leaving Motown to join Epic Records, to working with the legendary Quincy Jones to produce his multi-platinum albums, Off the Wall and Thriller.

Deadline’s review declared that Michael Jackson lives again in this thriller of a musical. “If MJ can't contain the astonishment of the news that turned his 1983 television performance into an era-defining moment, it is in no short supply of its own thrills, not least the reminder, after all these years of scandal and accusations, that we once observed, in real-time, the blossoming of undeniable talent into unavoidable genius,” say the Deadline review.

Meanwhile, the Washington Post gave props to the team behind the musical. “The creative team's painstaking work has resulted in a gripping, adrenaline rush of a show, propelled by remarkable dancing and a mesmerizing central performance by Myles Frost as the sleek, soft-spoken pop megastar.”

This 2023, MJ hits the road and will make a stop in Durham, North Carolina in the upcoming October! For multiple days, the musical will make the Durham Performing Arts Center its home. Guests will be pleased to know that MJ has chosen the perfect venue in Durham. Durham Performing Arts Center has a long track record of hosting the most exciting events and shows to ever come to Durham! Fans will have the top-tier entertainment experience thanks to Durham Performing Arts Center's impressive facilities, modern light and audio technology, and most importantly, comfortable seating!

This is your opportunity to witness into the life story of Michael Jackson by catching MJ the Musical on Sunday 15th October 2023 at the Durham Performing Arts Center! Tickets to the show are now available! Don't miss out on this unique chance to experience the magic of MJ the Musical! Secure your spot now and start on a journey through the extraordinary life of the King of Pop!

MJ - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

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