Pretty Woman – The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

One of Hollywood’s most beloved stories of all time, now playing at Durham Performing Arts Center, following an incredible run on Broadway. The three-time Audience Choice Award-winner, Pretty Woman: The Musical is ready to or you to fall in love all over again! Our two unlikely soulmates, a free-spirited Hollywood prostitute Vivian Ward, who is hired by the enigmatic Edward Lewis, a wealthy businessman, must overcome the odds as their two very different worlds collide. It is a dazzlingly theatrical take on the now classic love story of the 90s.

If you loved the film, then you will adore the musical, an almost a word-for-word, outfit-for-outfit retelling of the 1990 film Pretty Woman, written by J. F. Lawton and directed by Garry Marshall. Vivian Ward, the free-spirited end-of-the-80s streetwalker with Cinderella dreams, is hired by, the Mega-rich, but emotionally stunted, disaffected, and ruthless corporate raider with some big daddy issues, businessman Edward Lewis, to be his escort for several business and social functions. As their relationship develops over the course of her week-long stay with him, Vivian teaches to Edward to unleash his inner child and contribute to society, completely turning his life upside down and reinventing herself in the process, all while fending off the unwanted advances of Edward’s creepy business partner Philip Stuckey.

The musical has been updated since the 90s movie, and while the setting remains firmly in the 80s with the big-hair and the even bigger Brian Adams sound track banging away, Vivian’s agency and control over her unsavory occupation is balanced with the songs “this isn’t me” and “I can’t go back,” showing she doesn’t need anyone else to save her.

Pretty Woman springs to life with a powerhouse creative team led by two-time Tony Award winning director and choreographer Jerry Mitchell who produced Hairspray, Kinky Boots, and Legally Blonde. Brought to the stage by lead producer Paula Wagner, Pretty Woman features an original score by Grammy Award winner Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance, and a book by the movie’s legendary director Garry Marshall and screenwriter J. F. Lawton. Featured in the musical is Roy Orbison and Bill Dee’s international smash hit song “Oh, Pretty Woman,” which first inspired one of the most beloved romantic comedy films of all time. Pretty Woman the film was an international smash hit when it was released in 1990, and now, 30 years later, Pretty Woman; The Musical is ready for you to experience this dazzling theatrical take on a love story for the ages.

“In essence, “Pretty Woman” has found a smart sweet spot somewhere between nostalgic retro romanticism – unlike at the Chicago tryout, the show now fully and wisely embraces its original era, big hair and all – and the current necessity for heroines to take charge of their fumbling Prince Charmings and self-actualize their tickets to happiness.” – Review by Chris Jones, for the Chicago Tribune.

“Now, 30 years later, Pretty Woman: The Musical still Dazzles!” – Deadline

“Pretty Woman: The Musical will lift your spirits and light up your heart. If you love the movie, you’ll love the musical!” – BuzzFeed News

“Big romance and big fun!” –

“Irresistible! A romantic fantasy. A contemporary fairy tale,” – The Hollywood Reporter

Pretty Woman: The Musical delivers on all the iconic moments you remember. Get ready to experience this dazzling theatrical take on a love story for the ages.

Brought to life by a powerhouse creative team representing the best of music, Hollywood and Broadway, Pretty Woman: The Musical is guaranteed to lift your spirits and light up your heart.