Mrs. Doubtfire – The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

mrs Doubtfire musical at Durham Performing Arts CenterA parent’s love transcends any barrier. They will make necessary sacrifices just so they can give their children their love. No matter what it takes. They are the first persons from whom support comes, and the amount of love and care they give shapes how a growing child becomes. Many stories, shows, and movies take inspiration from the parents who give their all. Some of them take on a comedic route. Among these movies is Mrs. Doubtfire, well-loved by people of all ages. It is about a father who transformed himself into a maid to spend time with his children. It sounds ridiculous, but deep into the story, you realize that it is more than just that. From a book to a blockbuster movie, the story has been adapted to different forms of media. Now, it can be experienced through a musical. The stage adaptation of Mrs. Doubtfire will bring laughs and warmth to the Durham Performing Arts Center in March. See it there, and if you can, bring with you your family. 

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“It’s just beautiful, heart-wrenching stuff on stage.” – Manchester Evening News

“A good time for all ages is exactly what the audience-friendly, warm-centered, modestly scaled “Mrs. Doubtfire” delivers.” – Daily News

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Before the movie became a classic and before the musical catches attention today, the whole premise came from a comedic novel written by Anne Fine. The novel is called Alias Madame Doubtfire. She specifically wrote it for children and adolescents, introducing them to themes of familial relationships. In 1987, the book became a bestseller, and sooner than later, Twentieth Century Fox got ahold of the book’s rights.

In 1993, the classic Mrs. Doubtfire performed well in many theatres, turning it into a box-office hit. It was well-received by many critics and the public. Many families would go on to watch it in the theatres. It was the second-best-performing film during that year (following Jurassic Park). Beyond the amazing production team of the movie, the heart of it is Robin Williams who played the cross-dressing protagonist. The late beloved actor was known for his amazing ad-libs and comedic timing. Many of his lines in this movie were improvised. This movie became one of his most successful and most memorable. As a matter of fact, a sequel was supposed to happen but was not pushed through because the makers believed that Williams was the only actor who would pull off the iconic character. To this day, people watch this classic due to its humor and sentimentality. It remains among the best comedy films that ever came out.

Despite the movie not getting a sequel, its prominence seeped through into Broadway. Stage musical producers found it a viable source of an adaptation. Kevin McCollum, who is known for producing In the Heights, Rent, and Avenue Q, said that it is “tailored for Broadway audiences.”

“The show captures the essence of the original and improves upon it. If you loved the energy of the film, then the amplified energy of the musical is right up your alley.” – Cosmic Circus

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Mrs. Doubtfire: The New Musical Comedy’s development began in 2015. Big names in the industry helped in its creation. The great Alan Menken, the composer behind the iconic songs of the Disney animation movie Ariel, crafted the music. The brothers Karey and Wayne Kirkpatrick wrote the lyrics. Karey is known for producing stop-motion movies like the popular Chicken Run and James and the Giant Peach. Wayne grabbed the attention of the public for his collaborative work with the band Little Big Town. The book was written by Karey Kirkpatrick alongside John O’Farell. O’Farell is a British writer with bestsellers in both fiction and nonfiction categories. His theatre work includes Something Rotten!. Completing the team was Jerry Zaks as the musical’s director. He is a Tony-winning director and has exemplary works for plays and musicals such as The House of Blue Leaves and Guys and Dolls.

The musical did not stray far from the movie, on which it is heavily based. Both told the story of Daniel Hillard, a divorced father of two. His ex-wife limited his interaction with their children. Desperate to find a way to get closer to his kids, he decided to push through an absurd idea. He asked help from his make-up and FX artist brother to turn him into a different person. After trying on multiple characters, they settled on this old Scottish lady. His transformation made him unrecognizable, and his wish to hang out more with his kids became true.

The musical contains all of those moments people fell in love with the movie. The viewers will still be taken into a journey about relationships, more so into parenting and divorce. Furthermore, it is a reminder of the strength of the family bond and the efforts members make to keep each other together.

The musical has a list of 18 songs that can be considered under the genres of jazz, rock, and pop. The combination of these styles creates energetic and entertaining tunes. Hilarious lyricism is a highlight in this musical. You get to hear the funniest lines from the movie delivered through song. “What’s Wrong with This Picture,” “The Mr. Jolly Show,” “The Shape of Things to Come,” and “As Long as There Is Love” are some of the best tracks.

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Mrs. Doubtfire: The New Musical Comedy premiered in late 2019 at the 5th Avenue Theatre in Seattle. The following year, it transferred to Broadway. Its home became the Stephen Sondheim Theatre. It was supposed to open in April after its March previews; however, due to the COVID-19 lockdowns, it was postponed. After a whole year without Broadway shows, it was among those who came back first.

Its West End counterpart came into realization in 2023. The London production continues to run at the Shaftesbury Theatre.

As Mrs. Doubtfire becomes a musical staple, the prominence comes with accolades and praise. The Broadway production spawned multiple nominations from the Drama Desk Awards, Outer Critics Circle Awards, and Tony Awards.

Another production popped out in 2023, the North American tour of Mrs. Doubtfire: The New Musical Comedy. During this year’s run, it will be entertaining at the Durham Performing Arts Center from March 19 to March 24. Do not miss it. “Carpe Dientum. Seize the Teeth!