Moulin Rouge – The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

Moulin Rouge - The Musical Tickets

Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina

The Durham Performing Arts Center is welcoming you to enter through its doors on Saturday 6th May 2023 to watch the musical that has been capturing audiences for decades – Moulin Rouge – The Musical. Places are limited and in high demand, so purchase your tickets now before they are all gone. What will happen when a poor writer encounters the heart of The Moulin Rouge and falls in love? Can two different lives with such different social expectations ever find happiness where class distinction is considered so vital to life? Moulin Rouge – The Musical promises to be a tale that will capture you and be an unforgettable evening that will remain with you always, so secure your tickets for Saturday 6th May 2023 at the Durham Performing Arts Center now!

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

Most people who have never bothered to watch a live musical don't know what they are missing out on. And this is even more true for those who haven’t seen the iconic production, Moulin Rouge! Live musicals are something that need to be experienced to be truly understood. Typically, the majority of people who go see theater for the first time, always end up going back again. So when shows like this come to the stunning Durham Performing Arts Center, it’s simply a no-brainer. Why not come see the amazing production, Moulin Rouge on Saturday 6th May 2023? Get your tickets here today.

Moulin Rouge - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

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