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Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina


Do you adore R&B but are too skeptical of attending a live concert because of parking or poor performances and lack of places to get good food? Durham Performing Arts Center offers safe parking a stone's throw away from Kem. Within the vicinity Durham Performing Arts Center are various restaurants and bars in case you feel hungry or need a drink. Durham Performing Arts Center brings you the most acclaimed R&B artists in Durham and North Carolina at large. The Kem décor and lighting creates a calming ambiance while the surround sound cloaks you in the rich sounds of rhythm and blues. Mark the date and plan to attend by buying tickets today! Click the ‘get tickets’ button now!

It's often said home is where the heart resides… yet the beat and enthusiasm introduced to you by R&B music seems just like your dwelling. Being one of the incredibly significant genres in musical domain, R&B is recognized for giving its audiences a connection with strong and passionate lyrics. The vigorous sense of rhythm can be soothing, while the self-assured vocals add a sense of drive into a life built on habit. R&B nurtures a feeling of unity and relatability, typically in the context of conquering challenges or seizing an opportunity. Some even assert claiming that R&B contributes to increased productivity at the workplace. Naturally, none of this amounts to a scientific fact, yet R&B is unquestionably one of the most exceptional and most popular types of tunes.

Having shared that, HOLD ON! THE RULING R&B ARTIST JUST REVEALED AN ANTICIPATED SHOW! Absolutely, it's accurate - Kem has indeed mapped out an approaching nationwide journey, incorporating an eagerly awaited stopover in the lively Durham, North Carolina. The gifted R&B musician is set to put on live and in person at the esteemed Durham Performing Arts Center on Friday 10th May 2024, and we're anticipating your preparedness for this. This event is suitable for your private enjoyment or for experiencing with buddies since the superb tunes brought to you by Kem is sure to transport you towards another dimension. Are you ready to be astounded by Kem's deeply soulful voice?

The exceptional aspect of this occasion resides in the reality it is planned to unfold at the well-known Durham Performing Arts Center, a place equipped with excellent audio systems that shall boost your music event experience. The place ensures accessibility to every possible amenity. You can even head into the urban center right away after the event for extra amusement by attending your pals for some refreshing beverages! The date is set - the event is slated for Friday 10th May 2024. Make certain to note down this on your schedule right away!

Admission to Kem's exhibition are presently ready for purchase here. Don't deliberate - grab yours right now since they are swiftly selling out! To obtain the optimal seating in the venue, we suggest obtaining them at your earliest convenience. Kem eagerly awaits you soon!

Kem at Durham Performing Arts Center

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