Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue at Durham Performing Arts Center

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Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina

Golden Girls

Do you know why everyone wants to drive up to Durham this April? That’s because live theater fans from all over have heard that Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue is coming to Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham, North Carolina on Wednesday 3rd April 2024 and everyone wants to go! This awesome theatrical show will have some of the big names of stage performance take over the Durham Performing Arts Center stage for a special production of one of the most captivating performances on tour today. These visionary actors will charm you with a heartfelt performance that will stay on your minds even long after the final act. You won’t believe your eyes when you see the stunning stage effects and charming costume and set design. And you will never be able to find a show that will make your spring nights better than this one-night-only showing of Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue. That’s why theater-goers are excited to see the show and are already lining up for their tickets. But you can beat the rush if you act fast. Because tickets are available now, and you can Click the buy tickets link below, so you can buy your tickets to experience Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue live at Durham Performing Arts Center in Durham, North Carolina this coming Wednesday 3rd April 2024!

Durham Performing Arts Center couldn't be a better setting for Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue, of course you'd love to see the big show in style! This smashing theatre house has so much to offer and is in the heart of Durham so ideal for continuing your day/night in style! Your favourite bars & restaurants all in close proximity AND a fantastic range of delicious treats ready for the show! An abundance of parking and an inviting atmosphere, so you'll feel at total comfort and ease while you focus on the big performance! Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue Comes with dazzling reviews and has caused quite a stir this spring, critics are already calling Wednesday 3rd April 2024, Golden Girls: The Laughs Continue a contender for the biggest show in theatre in 2024. The star studded cast, the incredible effects, the smashing writing and some of the most amazing acting seen in theatre this year. Book your tickets now, be part of the scene this spring - tickets won't be around forever, so click buy!

Golden Girls at Durham Performing Arts Center

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