Elf – The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

Elf - The Musical Tickets

Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina

Elf – The Musical is coming to Durham Performing Arts Center on Sunday 4th December 2022 for what has been billed as ‘the show’ of the year! The first-class line-up of singers almost guarantees insane queues at the ticket offices and sell-out performances at the venue. Avoid the the shoving and hassle of long queues and ensure your seats for this outstanding performance now. Box office influencers are watching this event climb even higher in its rankings. This alone should tell you this is the musical to be at.

Elf - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

Elf – The Musical is remembered for its popular style and the unsurpassed skilled dance and do you remember the choruses we know every word to? What a magical show, it's the favorite! Lucky for you Elf – The Musical is back again for winter, 2022 and will be stopping in North Carolina Durham on Sunday 4th December 2022! Can you picture yourself from the comfort of your seating area listening in on the world class acting while admiring the skilled choreography and don't forget those stunning costumes! Industry leaders have have had nothing but tip top ratings for this display of theatrical flair and magnificence…the kids will adore it! You will be talking about this Sunday evening in the theatre house in December for weeks! Are you familiar with the unsurpassed Durham Performing Arts Center of North Carolina, Durham? Well, Elf – The Musical will be playing there on Sunday 4th December 2022 for the most wonderful experience of the year…BOOK YOUR SEATS TODAY by clicking 'GET TICKETS' on this page! Do not miss this chance!

Elf - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

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