Beetlejuice – The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

Beetlejuice - The Musical Tickets

Durham Performing Arts Center | Durham, North Carolina

Beetlejuice is a successful theatrical production for a plethora of reasons. The show is a loving homage to the unusual and wonderful. It features a unique style, potent performances, and a puckish sense of fun that that appears to out of every pore of Durham Performing Arts Center, which has been shaded a ghoulish green for the occasion. Mark your calendars for Thursday 13th April 2023, and grab your tickets now before they sell out, so you can experience the most mind-blowing evening of your life.

Beetlejuice - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

The narrative of Beetlejuice revolves around Betelgeuse, a demon who works as a bio-exorcist, and his pursuit to reenter the world of the living. Betelgeuse perceives a chance to get what he wants when Barbara and Adam Maitland fall through the floor of their beloved home. If these recently deceased can get a living human to repeat his name three times, he will be set free. When he discovers that one of the new housemates is the sassy and ingenious Lydia, his carefully laid out plans are quickly thwarted.

She puts Betelgeuse through a series of tasks that he couldn't have expected and wins over the hearts of the Maitlands in the process. Hi jinks ensue, as this kooky bunch of misfits attempts to find joy and liberty together, whether dead or alive.

This extremely exciting play is sure to please with its dark and wonderful themes that will leave even the most skeptical show-goers excited. The duo will take everyone on a fun filled journey as the first class cast presents the show. With 24 songs, such as ‘Day-O, Man Smart, Woman Smarter’, ‘Jump in the Line (Shake Señora)’ and a two-time award-winning stage, tickets will be quickly running out, so be sure to snap up yours before they’re all gone.

Beetlejuice - The Musical at Durham Performing Arts Center

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